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Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program

Under contract with the Maine Centers for Disease Control between 2009 and 2015, MCD Public Health staff were retained to manage screening, oversight, financing, and provider education for the Maine Colorectal Cancer Control Program (MCRCCP). The goal of this work was to increase colorectal cancer screening rates. For this project Maine CDC looked to MCD Public Health for data and fiscal intermediary support and oversight of four partnering health systems (Central Maine Health, Eastern Maine Health, Maine General and Maine Health), which executed the majority of the health improvement work. Over the life of this contract, MCRCCP, through its partners, facilitated screening and diagnostic services for more than 1,370 men and women (about 260 people annually).

The program also gathered critical background information on current practices related to colorectal screening. Such information includes prevalence rates, electronic medical records, and the effectiveness of patient and provider reminders. Analysis of this data has led to policy and systems changes, such as the adoption of FIT testing across one health system, policy changes to cover the cost of colonoscopy procedures when a polypectomy is performed, and securing systems-wide improvements in colorectal cancer screening rates. MCRCCP was chosen by the federal CDC as a Congressional Reporting example.

MCD's IT Department created and maintained MCRCCP's data systems, which consistently meet CDC requirements for clean and reliable data. This system captured critical data on the number of screenings, results, and demographics using secured file transfer protocols. The system also provided invoice and billing efficiencies reducing errors and processing time. This system was cited as one of the best developed and run CRCCP data systems in the nation.

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Region Served: Maine - Statewide

Focus Areas: colorectal cancer screening, colon cancer prevention, health information technology, quality improvement

Tools: cancer screening, training medical providers, public education, information technology

Funders: US and Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Partners: This program was offered by the Maine CDC Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, in partnership with Central Maine HealthCare Corporation, Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, Maine General Medical Center, Maine Health, Healthy Maine Partnerships, the Maine Cancer Consortium, the Maine Cancer Registry, Maine Primary Care Association, Maine's tribal communities, other Maine CDC programs, and numerous other organizations statewide.

Contact: Joseph Robinson, Project Manager -, 207-622-7566 x232

Address: 11 Parkwood Dr. Augusta ME 04330